All staff have a copy of the full Biosecurity Policy

All visitors to the site must be made aware of Riverfield’s Biosecurity Policy; a full version is available to read from the main office or from a member of staff.

Main points to note are:-

  • No fish are to enter the registered site – unless authorised by the Biosecurity Manager Mr. Simon Hughes.
  • Transportation equipment is only used for our fish. This includes internal transport tractors. All tanks are to be drained when not in use and disinfected between uses. All transport and equipment is disinfected between deliveries.
  • Site Visitors (Aquaculture) are only allowed on the farm by arrangement, booking in previously by telephone or in writing.
  • No fish to be stocked out across the farm without the permission of the Biosecurity Manager.
  • Fish Mortalities to be collected as they occur and disposed of, in line with relevant legal requirements and recorded in the mortality book.
  • The site must be kept clean and tidy. Equipment to be disinfected between uses in the disinfectant bin located in the polytunnel.
  • Only Riverfield employees are permitted to handle fish and associated equipment.
  • The hatchery, when operational is off limits to all staff and visitors, with the exception of Simon Hughes or with his authorisation to enter the building.
  • Visitors are only allowed on site by prior arrangement.
  • If a disease outbreak is suspected, where there are clinical signs of infection then they must be recorded. All movements must stop and a full investigation will be carried out to ascertain the cause i.e. was this caused by parasites, disease, environmental changes or other factors. Any and all suspected incidents must be reported immediately to Simon Hughes.

Prevention is better than cure!